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cause it really is irrelevant to anything

I sleep with the bears & gators. [But it's Jess]
28 March 1991
"I'm caring, forgiving, understanding, generous, I pretty much rule." - According to Christina. Hah. :)
She wrote most of my interests, but not all of them...
I am some of those things, I know I am a sucker for a European accent, especially a French one.
I aspire to be many things, one is a decent person and to be better at my art and photography. But I think I'm failing miserably at the decent bit.
I dislike xenophobes, though I have been told I am one, I beg to differ.
I think I am a forgiving person, depending on the deed and the person, but I can hold a grudge. A damn long one. I also have come accustom to long-phone conversations in the late night/early morning.
I enjoy sitting on beaches or somewhere isolated, thinking about irrelevant things, with my camera and sometimes a sketch book. I will treat people respectfully, unless they do not show me the same courtesy.
I can be a creature of habit and my moods can change dramatically, as do most peoples.
And I adore expanding my every growing collection of perfumes & colognes. I have a grand total of 25 now. (50ml +)