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03 December 2008 @ 05:50 am

[ I imagine I would look like this to the frog, closing in on him ]

Long time, no rant, oui?

Is there a point going to bed?
I'll just lay awake again...
I haven't been sleeping properly for the last few weeks.
I'm still wide-awake and it's nearly 6 AM. And I have a plane to catch in a few hours time.

I fly to Melbourne today and I am a little less than thrilled.
I mean... I'm excited about going home finally after 4 years, but I don't want to see the people...
My old friends want to see me, but I don't want to see them.
I don't know, I'll decide when I'm on the plane whether or not I'll see them.

And I'm getting a EOS 50D for my 18th in a few weeks, which is good.
I'm keen to get started back into my trigger-happy self again.
Maybe then this self-doubt feeling will go?

And I have a feeling Lia will fall asleep on me, as usual, on the flight. -_-
And Casey will somehow get under my skin again during the trip in Melbourne.
I'm still annoyed at him because of Grad.

After I get back from Melbourne, I'm going to do a photo post.
From various occassions over the last few weeks.

Molly's Pre-17th Birthday
Lia's 17th Birthday
Dinner with friends

But for here's some photos from the Frog Session with Lia.
This frog was such a poser, camera whore at heart, I think.
And 'cause the internet is gay, the frog looks less than spectacular.
He's actually a really beautiful green, with bits of aqua.
But annoyed with the image below, seeing as it only chose to focus in on Lia, instead of both of them even though Lia and the frog were in the same focal length. -_-"
Oh well.

[taken yesterday on the way to Port Douglas, was beautiful. This image doesn't do it justice.]
And another from today and a random event I was at.

The sun's up and so am I.

<3 Jess
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