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25 September 2008 @ 11:51 pm
[ the walls are tired and so are we cheri ]  
Hello world, how are you today? Good I hope.

I'm been kind of depressed a lot lately too and I don't like it. My perspective on things has changed a bit more, a little more obscure. I was looking through my French dictionary and found out that the word "laid" in French, means "Ugly". I laughed so hard for a solid 15 minutes and thought of all the people it had relevance to. It made my day. But that was yesterday... today was a whole different ball field.

Well, I stayed at Lia's lastnight, seeing as Marie, Lorene, Dimitri and Julian were to land today. They arrived in Singapore alright, except Marie made a flight attendant cry (I don't know how she does it, poor girl -flight attendant- probably didn't know what hit her) because of how irritated she got with her always asking whether Marie, no one else, wanted something. So naturally, she got annoyed and yelled at the poor girl. I feel so sorry for that girl right now, what's the bets she was asian? Most of the time they are. But what do expect after being crammed on a plane for 17 hours straight, seriously? And that was the last I heard from her... then today came.

We waited at the airport for nearly 2 hours, we watched as people we reunited with their love ones. We even saw two young children literally run up to their grandparents screaming with joy and jumping on them and wrapping their little arms around them, screaming, literally. But it was cute.
We were also pulling faces at this blonde little boy, who we think was Swiss (judging by his mother's accent and the way she spoke), but he was really cute. Had the biggest red, jubee lips I have ever seen. o_o I don't really like children, but hey, this kid was cute. ^^

So I got impatient and rang Marie. No answer.
Then I tried Dimitri. No answer.
So, I tried again. Got an answer.
Marie answer in a hallow tone and her voice was shaky.
"Hey, where are you?"
"Hello, we're in Singapore"
"Singapore? Why are you still in Singapore, did you miss the flight?"
"Yes, we did. I'm sorry I didn't txt or call you, we're been busy..." (her voice starts breaking)
"Hey, you alright? What's wrong, tell me Marie..."
(she started crying a broke off, Dimitri went on the phone)
"Hey, what's happened and why is Marie crying?"
"Well, the reason we are not in Cairns right now with you is because something happened to Julian."
"... okay. Is he is alright?"
"No, not really. He's been hit by a car."
(Seriously, my heart stopped.)
"What?! Is he okay?! Who the fuck did that?!"
"Where leaving that to the police, but if I ever find that son of a bitch I will.. " (grumbles)
"Oh fuck... how are you all?"
Then he started telling me what happened and whether or not we're alright and I asked if they were all good etc etc Then he told me I have to tell Lia. -_-"

Even before the words came out of my mouth she knew. I held her for like 10 minutes, she just cried and cried. I hate it when people cry, makes you feel so bad, especially when it is people closest to you. Feeling her body shake and tremble is not how I wanted to remember it and it was the frist time that I saw her cry. After she'd got most of it out of her, I held her hand and we walked over to where her mum was, told her the news. Lia started sobbing again, which is understandable, considering her boyfriend just got hit by a car. As we were leaving the terminal,I held her hand and had my arm around her, comforting her the best to my ablities, mind you, I suck so much at comforting and reassuring. But she said I was doing alright. I mean, I was upset as well and majorly disappointed about not seeing Marie again, but I was more concerned about Julian and the crew, and Lia.

So this is what has happened, basically:

They went walking out and about, after they'd left the hotel room (they had to stay about 5 hours in Singapore before their transfer flight straight to Cairns), buzzing around looking at the alien environment and being creeped out by the amount of asians (they don't like them at all) and taking photos, naturally. So they get to a crossing, wait for the little man to turn green. He turns green, Julian and Lorene step out and just as they're about to a car comes speeding around the corner and Julian just sees it in the corner of his eye, instinctively pushes Lorene out of the way, but loses to gravity. He gets hit by the idiot driver, who was going at a speed you can't exactly break with, rolled over the car and then landed on his hip, where he was hit at full speed. The driver didn't stop either and kept driving...
Julian was knocked straight unconscious, and hasn't moved since. He had scans done and all that and only suffers from some minor injuries and some internal bleeding, which he went into surgery for not too long ago. His hip is undamaged, considering that's where the impact was.

note: Found all this information out over a span of hours.

[edit] - Julian is fine now, he's a bit woozy and shaky, isn't talking yet but is smiling. Dimitri said his body was still in shock and no update on the guy who did the hit and run. But the police are dealing with that matter now.

All that matters is he's okay now... but the things I had to do to cheer Lia up... @.@
She cried for about... 4 hours. Oh my god, it was on and off, but still...

We went to Cairns Central to distract ourselves, in hope to make her stop crying. Went into Garricks and drooled over the Canon EOS 50D... Oh. My. God. SO SEXY. Lia pulled me out eventually though, after I explained some camera things and lens to her. She's learning fast. :)
We borrowed Casey's 40D, because he loves us. ^^
I tried some lame Jess jokes and other things to try and make her laugh, didn't work, only got smiles and little giggles. But really, all I had to do was put a Hitler moustache on, with cream from my TimTam mocha chiller from Gloria Jeans and I had her in fits of laughter. See the good thing is I know how to make her laugh, that's a bonus.

Lia is getting a lot better with the dSLR, she's got good shot composition.
(Plus my facial expression is funny and the one below I look like someone out of the 80s, somethin' shockin', uh?)

I was imitating Becky right there (above) and Lia had to hold her stomach. Was cute and the dude across from us on a phone was staring at us.
I put the cream on and was like, "Oh yeah, I know you want me Lia" and the dude was like, "Hey, that's a good look" and I was like "I know right? Cheers." and he just shook his head and we pissed ourselves laughing as the cream started to thin.
He was probably thinking: Freeeeeeeeeeeeaks
But I really couldn't give a damn. :D
And she dared me to walk from there, to Myers with it on... Heh heh heh ^^
So naturally, I accepted and man, did I get some strange looks...

One guy had like a mexican kind of moustashe on and noticed me and full on stared at me, almost till his head was twisted around. We pissed ourselves laughing and probably looked like the biggest retards. But hey, it was good fun. And we saw Cameron and his sister along the way. He's such a sweetie. :)

Went to Myers and did ridiculous things, mostly consisting in the sunglasses section.
The creamed started to go yellow after awhile, so it looked EXTREMELY SUSS, she laughed a little first and said I could take it off. FINALLY.
You can see it alot in most of the photos when I have the weird fungi cream... stuff.
The old ladies were watching us like hawks and we were laughing our heads off.
See for yourself

She reminded me a lot of Marie in this photo. Her expression mostly and she's got a great smile.
Le Specs?

We're an awesome duo and so good-looking
... *cough cough COUGH* >.>
I love all the halos from the lights and shallow depth of field in most of the photos.
(Using the 50mm lens the whole time: I have a love/hate relationship with that. )
And she brought those glasses below.

We're such dorks, I swear.

Russian doll, anyone?

Ayyyye! HILTER!!! (That and Lia is half German... heh heh heh... wait, oh shit. -_-")
And I really like this photo below, it would have been good if it was clear.:\

But hey, by the end of that I had her smiling so broadly, all the idiocy was worth it. :)
We also saw Nadene, who knows about the whole Julian thing and gave Lia a nice pep-talk and reassured her and stuff, and nice lovin' strong hugs.
Then she hugged me and MAN OH MAN, Nadene is so strong, I could feel her muscles around me.
She is such a lovely girl and I adore her... and she's so damn photogenic. They BOTH ARE?!! O_O
(Lia and Nadene below at Nadene's 17th a few months ago below)

Even Ange was saying. Ahahahahahah ^^
We're about to go to bed and Lia is already getting snug on my shoulder.
So yeah. : \

I hope everyone is fine, and in good health and not stressing too much. And having a great holiday! One week has gone, practically. I do wish everyone the best of luck with next term etc. And that you all have a enjoyable and good holiday. :)
Everyone needs some lovin' and I hope you all get it.
Be safe.

Love Jess. xox.

[signing out]

"Raise your arms and self issues;
We refuse to sing the blues.
No more work and no more play.
We keep running, underground.
Keep the sounds of profound.
We prefer things simple pure;
Endless Leisure."

... I've noticed that most electronic songs make minimal sense. But it works. Most of the time.
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