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26 July 2008 @ 04:08 am
[ it feels like a sunday all the time, every day of the week ]  
Firstly, I know I am arrogant and a tool some of the time. Secondly, I've been cooking a hell of a lot and am attempting to revive my motivation to do better in the art verse. (to be continued later on.)
And thirdly; Marie, Lorene, Dimitri and Julian are coming up on the 22nd of September. So the Frenchies will land very, very soon. I'm scared and excited and mortified at the same time. I don't know if that's even possible. And it was Marie and I's 3 year anniversary... thing the other day. Which I rang her up for and she was pleased to hear from me, seeing as I hadn't spoken to her for a good solid week.

Plus, Lia has been speaking to Julian for nearly a month now and is all smitten with him...
I mean, I'm happy for her and all, but it's kind of annoying seeing as I get both her and his sulking if one of them is absent... -_-"
And I know Lia does it just to annoy me, the bitch. *sigh*

It's 4:07 am now, I am cold and I have the flu and my body is shaking uncontrollably and I think I should go to bed soon before the sun rises.

I've been working in my perverse (Photoshop) for a solid 6 hours straight and I am liking my results. I've been using a Calvin Klein ad from way back to use to help me with realism. I changed a few things here and there from the ad, seeing as it's only a reference. *shrug*

It's not done yet. I'm still having problems with the male's hand.
(his left hand's thumb is retarded... I have to thin it out and tone it lighter etc)
I've redrawn the hand about five times now and that's the best one I've got at the moment.
The female model is annoying me too. And yes, I am aware she has no nipples... -_-"
I have yet to draw them in as well as fix up some of her skin tones.
Her nose reminds me of a pig's, but you look at the orignal ad, it looks like that. :\
And I have yet to start drawing in the detail on her underwear and jeans.
The jeans will be hard to do.
I've actuall drew all of this with just one colour. I'm amazed at how good it looks.
But Calvin Klein have the best advertisement photos ever. I love them to death. <3
But that's it below...

It kind of looks like a alcohol advertisement. *tilts head*
I drew in a vodka bottle in because I felt like it. I searched for a good 20 minutes for a Stohlies vodka bottle and came up empty handed, so found this Russian Bear one. Which was pretty fun to draw actually. Plus the name is appealing, to me.

And I'm surprised my tablet is still living, but grateful. :)

Sometimes, I think and wonder what I have done...
Most of the time, it feels like I've been caught and there's no denying it.
But other times, it feels like I have her wrapped around my finger with this illusion.
What should I do? What happens when she finds out and I have to break it off?
This visage I have created is spinning out of control faster than I anticipated.

Perhaps Lia is right and I am slowly going insane. But that's just optismism for you. : \
But atleast I'm not completely clinically insane yet. But it's a matter of time. Give me a few more years, I'll rippen then.

And there's a strange woman in my mother's bed... what should I do?
My mother brought her home at 2 am. She's a friend, a girl who works at the Rainbow...
She's a lesbian of course, her name is Kirsten. She also commented on my drawings and called me "cute"... me, of all people. What the hell is wrong with her? :\

I'm a little scared now. I'm not use to things like that.
Oh well, I'll get over it.

I hope everyone is fine, and in good health and not stressing too much.

Love Jess. xox.

I'll do that hug photo post sometime later, Ruby. Sorry you'll have to wait longer. :(
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