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22 June 2008 @ 09:39 pm
[ en plien air ]  
[ It seems this was first posted as "private". So... yeah. Just s mis-match of the last 2 weeks ! Plus some things from today... ]

Long time, no update. Ja?
I woke up feeling quite happy and relieved, which is odd for me, considering the recent months have been... "challenging" and just reevaluating everything in my life, like where to go from here and who my real friends are. I think it's just that most things feel alright at the moment and I have some sort of direction mapped out, which is relieving, to say the least.

Yesterday was pretty enjoyable. Amber came home and we went out to Harvey Norman to check out some more lenses, seeing as she likes my opinion on things before she buys it. e.g: She brought a straight 50mm lens on Thursday night, but before hand I told her it was a good buy and would be handy for portraits. And it is! But the 50mm sucks at landscapes. So, I use the 18-55mm for them. Everything was so over exposed yesterday, it was so annoying! ><"

See below:

I've concluded Amber can't take portraits.

This is one I took with the 50mm
And the one below is one I took with the standard 18-55mm lens.

Can you see the dramatic difference???

Amber got really into the whole Whack-a-Duck thing...
And it's not as easy as it looks, you have to have it timed precisely.
I was more into the shooting bucks in Call of the Wild. I got to handle a shotgun. ^^
Even though it was only an arcade one, it was still awesome. :)

We went and got ice creams and a thickshake, which was alright...(the thickshake, I mean).
And just sat near the lagoon and talked. Which was nice...

Actually, I didn't mind not spending time with Lia yesterday, it was nice just hanging out with Amber for a change, seeing as it's rare nowadays. So, we drove around for a bit. Went to Harvey Normans to look at lenses, but seeing as Amber's admirer* was working, we thought twice about it and ended up leaving.
*Amber's admirer is this semi-professional Photographer dude that works there, we brought the 30D off him.
But the whole time we were talking to him, he just stared at Amber's boobs. Asshole.

Had dinner at my father's house yesterday too, didn't end up coming home till 11'ish. He's not impressed that I'm not talking to him that much, and he doesn't directly tell me, instead tells my mother and Amber, which makes me feel more annoys me more at him,.
I'm not even sure WHY I am annoyed with him, I just am. Lia rang to cancel, as Kaylee was going back to Innisfail on Sunday, and Lia hasn't spent anytime with her since she's been up her for the last two weeks, so I said we'll meet up on Sunday. She seemed to be under the impression I was annoyed with her, which is untrue and kept apologizing for it. I ended up telling her to shut up and she just laughed. It's good to know she gets what I mean half the time, or that would have been really awkward.

But spent time with her today, which was good. Tussled here and there in her SPOTLESS ROOM. Last time I came over, it looked like a bomb hit it, but now it's all like, "H0ly shit! I r can see dah 4lorzorz!". We were going to make chocolate pancakes at one stage, but I was too tired to... she also was very annoying. Kept poking me 'cause I wanted to sleep, but she was busy takin' to other people on MSN, so yeah.
We WERE suppose to work on our art, but... yeahhhh... kinda didn't.
*cough cough cough cough*
But I drew a tree and some bark, so it's all good! -_-

Mah bah'bee...! He's the best looking dog, ever. Love him so much.

ASIAAAAAANNNN DAAWWWWGAH!!!?!... no, no! It's just the feral, Jasper. *shakes head*
Oh I also noticed these awesome decaying things on my day walks with my pooches.
Rad, right? I just loved the way that the flesh had decayed away all that remained was their bones and moldy skin. Just, superb!
As morbid and creepy as that sounds, it was just... spectacular. Dogs got impatient after awhile though... *aHEM*

Casey and I are like two peas in a pod, I figured. He has his Felix (MacBook Pro, Silver) & 40D and I has my Roofle bear (MacBook, Black) & 30D. It's like he always has to be on top or something... but still. We're both Mac & dSLR users. That's probably why were so awesome (and close). I love him all the same. :)
I haven't heard from Celine in awhile, but from what I gather, she's fine.
I do miss her though, but it felt like she left long ago anyway...
She's still very naive in a way... but I think everyone is, so who knows.
I miss her all the same.

I'll also be starting my apprenticeship soon, so that might be fun. I'll get to deal with knifes and all sorts of torturing instruments of joyous fun. Not to mention paprika, which I'm not too fond of. *snarls*

And my mother, I've concluded is clincially insane (at the moment). I loves her sooo much. <3
The shot with her in the Batman mask was taken when we went out to Smithfield and I was wearing that around the whole time I was there, I should have brought it. ><
That day was so good. :)

But have been spending more and more time with Lia, which is very enjoyable and calming to say the least. We're trying to concoct up some "bedtime stories" with one another, and we've rainchecked our sleep together for awhile. & I think I liked it better when I knew less about my own sex. Lia watches me when we're together and catches me out when I'm gawking at people and laughs. Demurring as it is... it's fun all the same. :)
Below are some of the shots I and 3 other people took with my camera.
Not all of them are great and we had to resort to flash. *twitch*

The pimpin' birthday boy.

Women, I swear... *shakes head*


The way Nadene is sitting is hilarious, so manly. And Lia's dress is all... HELLO!


Ok, this photo has a sotry behind it.
Rachel and I were battling it off with out flashes on our cameras.
She had a four flash effect, which was pretty cool, but my dSLR had a better flash, it was so much BRIGHTER!! MUWAHAHAH!!

Diiiiiiirty dancin', bitches!

Rachel and Lia... one question: Where the bloody hell are Rachel's eyebrows? o.o

On Friday, I was testing out the new 50mm lens.
And I got some pretty cool shots, even I was all WOW about it.

This was one of the first shots I took with the 50mm lens and I think that's what made me fall in love with it.
It has really good depth of field... even though it makes everything look sooo Photoshop'd it's not even funny. It's still awesome.

Rachel is pretty funny. She hates me taking photos of her though, like most people.
'cause I'm such a paparazzi.

Marzia on the other hand... she's insane.

Laura is awesome. I hope she changes into my maths class. :D!

Danny.. *shakes head* She just wouldn't SMILE! GAH! She has the nicest eyes though... :)

This is Wiebke, she's one of our German exchange students. I think she leaves tomorrow... :(
It's a nice shot, though it's just slightly over exposed...
Also, this is what we REALLY do in Legal Studies:

Check out those model poses... go Jake! I like the blurry one best, I just wish it wasn't blurry.

Jake had a play around too, it's actually a pretty cool shot.

This one makes me laugh so much, my stomach hurt after I took it.
Check out Cameron and his hairy m00bs! Aww, these two are such sweethearts. Truly. :)
Lia and I stayed after school on Friday to do some more on our art.
I ended up carving most of her artwork while she sat and we listened to Nightmares on Wax & some random shit on her iPod, some of it made me cringe, but oh well.
It was all good fun. :)

Another thing, I got a B for my "Evidence of Place" major.
Which I'm slightly pissed off about, because I apparently "over did it and put too much effort in". Like fuck I did!
I had to wipe that up the day it was due because Rufus decided to do a file suicide on all my art files! So, in truth, I didn't put as much effort in as the original, but STILL.
I did three of these bastards and they chose the one I put the least amount of effort in and just... ARGH!
GOD. I just hate art! It's so overrated and stupid now.
Because ANYTHING can be passed as art. Just makes me not care about it.
God, I hate teachers sometimes. But...

All up. Everything is okay right now. I mean, I'm just annoyed majority of the time, mostly at people and myself. And again, most relationships feel like breakable, not iron cladded, except for maybe a half a dozen of them. I hate acting and I know people can relate. And it feels like no one cares anymore, about anyone. I get scared sometimes and I'm told it's okay to be, but I think otherwise, 'cause it's new to me. Feels like vertigo all over again, and I'm afraid of heights. But that's some of the time, not all of the time.

I like feeling happy and content. I like just floating...
But I know one day I'll have to soar away like a bird to far off places.
As does everyone else. I hope everyone is well, truly.

I want to know if everything's okay with everyone, I'm still here you know.

Love, Jess. xox
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I sleep with the bears & gators. [But it's Jess]enfoire on June 22nd, 2008 01:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :)
Glad you like them. Look forward to your next photo post, btw.
Yeah, I stole your lens. But these photos prove that when the next shipment comes in, you should buy one. Because they're awesome and don't disappoint.

AND YES! We have to hang out, it's vital!

Love, Jess.

p.s: We'd make a dynamic duo, you know. You rox my joxz. *wink*