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10 May 2008 @ 11:27 pm
[You work your body right]  
*hmm* I'm merely bored and sick of looking a photos I want to exploit in my library.
So, decided to do something constructive, not to mention time consuming... for my own satisfaction.
Just a real jumble of recent images and old images from the start of this year and the closing months of the previous.
People seem to come in and out, like the metro.
You do get battered after awhile though... that's where the cuts and bruises are from.

For starters, I got one of these gems today (it's so pretty, it hurts).
Amber and I are contemplating what lens to get it, seeing as the 18-55mm looks so dicky on it, not to mention out of proportion to the body of the 30D. No joke.
The only thing I've found retarded about the camera is the fact that most of the shots I've taken have so much noise.
I personally think it's the lens, 'cause the lens that usually comes with the 30D is a EF-S17-85mm f4-5.6 IS USM, which has an built-in Image Stabilizer.
I remember using Casey's 30D and the pictures were perfect, no noise or anything what so ever with the 17-85mm lens. I'll keep fiddling till I figure the problem out.
But, it's technically "Amber's camerah", but we both know I'll use it more, like I did when we got the 350D.
& I think I'm in love with the monochrome setting on the camera, as well as the filter settings...
Took some test shots on Kaiser while he was lazin' on undercover carport area.

He's my own Darth Vadar... he's so cuddly. Best dog, ever.
(I watched Star Wars: Return of the Jedi today... he was laying beside me the whole time)

Morning dew from outside my window yesterday morning...
A couple I barely knew in an evening long since past.
And Danny during Media Arts.


Lia (in the train + colour), Alyssa, Camellia, Ms Liz Dunn, Cynthia & lastly, Jessie. :)

This place seemed to be where all the action was on the train trip, for me.
Adult conversations are sometimes confusing, but interesting.
Williams' eyes are only for Liz at the moment. Hahah.
And Liz eats raw potatoes, which I found extremely intriguing. Was a first, that's fo'sho.
The train ride was nauseating and the ventilation sucked, a lot. It was fun playing I Spy with Lia though.
But by the end of it, we decided never to play it again, unless it was dire.

Ms Masters' is really pretty and nice, I just wish I had been seated taking this photo. :(

Lia, in our tent. It had a divider which was pretty cool.

Chillagoe was alright. Was actually the first (and likely the last) secondary school camp I've been on.
The caves were pretty awesome. Pity I couldn't capture them like I wanted too. I found myself lost sometimes, just the natural erosion and decay... was spectacular. Like a cathedral. The fact that 12 different species of bats dwelled in the caves made it even more fascinating, though I had to chase a bat out of my room today, with a broom. The camp site was alright... 'cept for the rooster. By god, we wanted to kill that rapist chicken...
I wish I could have wandered off further... and the sky was amazing at night.
I've never seen so many stars and constellations so clearly.
I took well over 800 shots over a span of 3 days there and deleted about... 200 or so.
I wish I could have taken more, to be frank. Damn CF cards were full... all four of them!
But I did get some decent shots... just not enough and to my standard.

In other news...

I'm really glad Amber's happy with Lachlan. He's nice enough and we do actually get along.
Plus, he dishes out on Amber all the time, which I love, like Casey. :)

I will miss you so much when you leave... :( Thank god for telecommunications.
It was good spending time with Celine, I hope to do it a lot more before she leaves for Brisbane,
and then she's homebound for Belgium again. It's depressing, because I really love her company.
She's like light or something... we have a lot in common, I think that's why. :)

Oh, so this is why all the boys in school drool over you... yeah riiiiight.
Nah. I haven't got a problem with the leggy Italian. Marzia is fine by me.
Though it wouldn't kill her to wear normal underwear, instead of G-strings all the time... *twitch*

And this is why I shouldn't be allowed in Bras'n'Things with a camera...
And we all live on Mars, secretly...

I should stop taking photos of dead animals... it's so morbid but fascinating.

And I yearn for a cat. (Milo is ok & Ralph is awesome!!! Full stop.) I prefer them from THAT thing below...

Smelly little dachshund... rodent.

And I wish I could take better landscape/scenic shots... :(
I hope things go well, for everyone I care about and other people too.
I miss certain people and am left wondering what happened.
Oh well, no point dwelling on the past. Never got me anywhere.
Au revoir.

And Happy Mother's day.

[Signing out]
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(Deleted comment)
I sleep with the bears & gators. [But it's Jess]enfoire on May 12th, 2008 09:48 am (UTC)
You shouldn't have died inside... these aren't that great, Ruby.
But thank you for the compliment. It's nice to hear that once in awhile.

I propose we do a photography thing together sometime.
The outcome would astound us, I believe. What do you think??
That way, it would be like that strange dream I had once... you remember?
You tell me this and that and we help eachother. Development.

(Deleted comment)
I sleep with the bears & gators. [But it's Jess]enfoire on May 13th, 2008 12:16 pm (UTC)
Hey now now...
Hey now, you shouldn't be so harsh on yourself... !
I think you take great photos, even if you claim you don't take fabulously good photos, I think they are.
And you waaah... o.o?? (sounded stalker-like for like a split second)
Inspiration is hard to find, I'm getting that at the moment... :\

And yes, we should! But I don't know when or what on.
And why do you need to get a new lens?? What happened to yours?? :(
(I hope it's nothing bad, like moisture getting into the lens... 'cause that's always bad.)