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07 April 2008 @ 11:59 pm
THIS ENTRY IS A REAL JUMBLE OF THE LAST 2 WEEKS! (but text wise is based around the last week)

Well, I thought I'd update or something... seeing as thought I haven't in such a long while. Not that anyone cares, I sure as hell don't. But it gives me something to do, I suppose... Plus, I have a massacre of photos to show. And I'll only update when I feel the need. So maybe in another 11 weeks or so. Depending.

I've got all of Hollywood on my toothpaste and nothing seems dim-lit or otherwise spontaneous, oddly enough. I've conspired against an seemingly erroneous thought, and even though everything seems... perfect. For the time being, but I know it's just the honeymoon stage. It's just like the calm before the storm.

The mongrel dog I call Jasper. :)

Though, today was pretty good. Best day so far. Spent it with my new pet, Lia. Shoved a camera in her face every chance I got. She didn't mind actually, but got me back eventually. I got the bruises to prove. I checked in to see Amber and give to the Feed-Estee foundation. Saw the rest of the Tandy crew and said hello to Christina. And now I finally know what the 'stoner boy' Tim looks like. We also saw the a film, The Other Boleyn Girl. Which was pretty good, it was well worth the $11 I paid, Lia agreed. Lia should also stop being so flirty... but then again, I lap it up and serve it back. The conversation just flows too and it's good because she'll listen and then tell me what's up with her and yeah. The exchange is good.

Plus, this holidays I plan to get to know how to handle my dSLR better. I want to use that book and learn how to get the best out of what is in front of me, because I am willing to learn and pay attention. Because I think it's one of the few things I'm good at and what I actually fucking give a damn about.

I am not nor do I claim to be the best Photographer ever. That's just egotistical and stupid.

Unfortunetly, the sensor on the camera needs to be cleaned and I'm too afraid to attempt to clean it, so is Amber. We'll have to send it to CANON sometime. These little pieces of dust are on the sensor and are pissing me off to no ends. They ruin my landscape shots and appear whenever they like. Like this one below. It's so fucking annoying!

Look at that?! The fucking sensor is DIRRRRTY.
Looks like a scratched processed film fuck-up. But like the ghost effect all the same.

I like this photo.

She was imitating me waving around my camera... but the joke is on her.

Lia took these... I don't mind them. Plus it's factual existence for you.

Some photos I took near the wharf/lagoon area. Slight change in temperature for each + B&W.

"Grl, wat chu think ur doin' wit dat camerah up n mah face!" -good photo, I think-

I tried to achieve something... but forgot what that was. But I like the shadows.

Lee-ARRRRRRRGGGGHHH?!!! I don't mind the halos too much though.

He he he he he! I LOVE MAH EEL!!!? It's so gross, but AWESOME!!! n_n

God... it was HUGE! And very much decayed and fleshy. We could smell it from above the wharf.^^
It's weird though, moray eels are very timid creatures and native to the reefs.
So some idiot must have caught it accidently or on purpose fishing and brought it back in and discarded it. What morons. Morays aren't vicious like it's cousin, those yellow and grey eels that hover around the clusters of reef and will actually KILL moray eels. Now, THOSE are some mean mofos.

I've also contemplated breaking up with Marié... for the third time this year. -_-
I just hate not being able to have PHYSICAL CONTACT! It's just not the same! AND IT HURTS!!! And people who have NEVER been in a long-distance relationship have no idea the pain of this fact and have NO IDEA what it's like, so don't judge us people. If so, you can just ALL GO TO HELL. I'm sick of it.
Plus, people need breaks... well, I need them. So I'm on leave at the moment. But just for a week. I'm glad someone understands what it feels like, it's refreshing and I like not being scrutinized. I dislike the fact people undermine factual existence. Makes my blood boil.

On a brighter note:
I've recently turned 17.
Nothing feels different, just ordinary.
But I was pleased with the end result of the day, I was happy by the end of it and the new day greeted me with splendor and warmth. It truly did. I found myself taking into the morning to Danny, we did have 2 other troopers, but they eventually fell victim to Dream. DAMN YOU, MORPHEUS!! But overall, it would have to be the best birthday I've had so far. The company was good and that's all I needed to make it a good memory. (I attached some photos, a requested ages ago from the 'event')

Minus Casey, sadly. He had to work... :(
But he was there in spirit! Plus, I saw him anyway at his work, so it was good.
He makes everything seem better. Though he's a wanker majority of the time, but I'm his equal in that sense. That's why we put up with eachother so much. Mucho love.

Celine. :)

Chris... haha. -facial expression-

Lia... with an orchid in her hair. o.o

Danny & Lia... during our late night/early morning chat session. Was really good. :)

My small group of groupies... nah. They were all good company. You guys made my birthday memorable to me.


I here blinded this poor frog. :\ Plus, the colours faded in all the photos. *frowns*

Relationships seem overrated and we don't know when to stop or where the boundaries are... it's like baking a cake, if you cook it for too long, it'll burn. So many relationships feel like that at the moment, but that is partly my fault.

I've also decided to enter University as a 'mature' (I use this term lightly) aged student, because I want to live and explore for a while, as well as just figure what the fuck to do first! Sort everything out firstly, then set up the rest gradually. It's not like I'm in a rush, I don't know what I'm going to be... I know where I'm going and who I'm going too, but nothing else is certain. Like the dimly lit street lamps of REBELLION! Pffft. Losers.

Took this the other day at Peete's Bridge. The rivers are high.

Visiting mum at work yesterday night.

Amber, while we were going for one of our bitch-session drives. Looks interesting.

Painting is a tedious and annoying process. But I get paid for it.
I'll be having lunch with Megan sometime in the week to discuss my commissions.

And it's Amber's birthday this Friday and she expects a Picasso out of me. She's dreaming.
But we're going bowling so, that'll be fun.
Breakfast with father tomorrow. Hope Amber can stomach it.


+ enjoy the photos. We'll look back on this and laugh, Jess. We truly will.

p.s: Why can't I do those LJ cuts?!! It NEVER works! >:[

[Signing out]
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